• L. Beth McKinney

Really liking Impress Art's Stamping Ink Pen

I recently tried Impress Art's (not sponsored) Black Ink stamping pen to make stamped images "pop." What's neat is it worked on a sample I made using an old, plastic large button and my Glowforge. It reads "Perhaps you do not need to be in here." Which was just a silly phrase I threw on their thinking I would make it a refrigerator magnet. It worked great! I think I will try to use it on some neutral color stones that I engrave on the Glowforge, but you can't really see it well. I will seal the rock after engraving so the ink doesn't "bleed" first.

Engraved Vintage Button

Of course, I will use it on metal stamping, too! That is what it is designed for - and it comes in different colors. Right now I only have black. I may get white or silver as well.


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